Definition Essay

Definition Essay

It?s a beautiful fall afternoon, and the cool wind has made the Illinois air fresh and crisp.

A man takes his dog?s leash of the hook on the back of the laundry room door, and with a little

jingle the dog comes running out of the living room right to the man?s feet. He clips the leash,

and the dog is all over him until they get outside. They make for the path that starts in his

backyard, but knows no end. As they get deep into the tunnel of reds, oranges, and yellows, the

path they are walking on turns around the corner of a big rock, and into to a huge black bear. The

man in his red flannel shirt and North Face vest freezes and the bear bats him to the ground with

his paw. At this, the seventy-pound dog charges at the massive bear and again the bear raises his

mighty paw to knock the dog up against a tree, and unconscious. After about an hour, the dog

comes around to find his owner is laying dead in a pile of dried up leaves. The dog stands up

with a bit of a limp, and makes

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