One warm summer day, in the Catskill Mountains, at a campsite near New York City when I was just about 7 years old, I was on my first camping trip with my family. We all loaded up into the family vehicle, which was at the time a 1979 VW Camper Bus. It was a real bomb, however it transported the whole family Grandpa, Grams, Yvette, Melissa, twin 1 and twin 2, and myself. Yes all 7 of us yet not all of us, I am a grandchild that is one of twenty-four, and a sibling one of four. I come from a large family and we tend to stick together, as a result in order to get a rest my grandparents only take us in shifts and only spend a limited amount of time with us.

As I was saying it was a warm and sunny day and I was coming back from the swimming pool crying because my cousin was being incredibly mean and she threw my towel in the pool. I responded with an immediate reaction of slapping her in the face and dramatically storming off to the campsite where by some unexplainable happening the word had already

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