Death Of Two Friends

Death Of Two Friends

Death of Two Friends

I remember High School so well. All the cliques, the parties, and trying to fit in. I remember my best friend in high school. She died of a drug overdose my senior year only months before graduation.
My senior year started out fun. The first couple weeks of school were great, senioritis started to kick in and everybody was talking about where they would be next fall, prom, homecomings, spring break, and of course, graduation. No one ever thought our senior year would end the way it did: it ended horribly; it ended with an overdose and a suicide.
The first semester flew by so fast. Christmas came and went and second semester was already starting. I attended Oscoda High School. It?s a little town north of Saginaw. Our town was one of those places were everybody knew everyone. Sounds fun, huh Well, our cute little town was known for drugs. It was really bad not just with weed and beer, but cocaine and heroin, and it was really easy to get a hold of them, even for younger kids too.
Our group was never really bad into stuff like that.

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