Cover Letter

Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Im replying to the Summer Analyst Program opportunity advertised on your website. The program fits very well with my knowledge, experience, and future goals. Im looking for an opportunity to learn what investment banking industry has to offer for me in the future and apply the skills and knowledge I learned in school.

By far, my best quality is that I can eat seven hot dogs at once. At least, that is what I was successful at making my friends believe. I acted very influentially and made them buy and cook seven hot dogs for me. Although I did not finish all seven, this event shows that I exhibited strong influence over others by making them believe that I could do the impossible.

My other strengths is the ability to charm others around me, especially gay men. So if there are any gay persons at your organization, I would be a great asset as a motivation for these employees to do their job well. In fact, I am such an effective motivator that

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