Campus Layout

Campus Layout

English 1.2 Descriptions and Analysis

Today I was observing the layout of our large campus. It?s such a great university. There?s a dynamic variety of people from many different origins that attend here. There is a vast amount of information available here so that your education can prosper. I feel as that I may receive a great education here. I could just feel the warmth of the day shining on me. The campus is so large that in fact they had to expand our parking lot just to maintain parking spaces available to all of the students and faculty cars. We even have to have traffic control booths to monitor the abundant flow of traffic. I really like this campus a lot. I enjoy the large layout of the campus and it?s plenty of room for growth.

I was observing our large campus today. I couldn?t help to notice how spread out everything is. The campus is huge.

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