Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama

Bahama Mamma

Some people consider me very lucky, but I just see it as a trip to

Grandma?s house. Yes, that?s right?my Grandparents live in Bahamas. Others may give

their right hand to go there, but to me it?s just a plane ticket away. That?s where I

went this summer?? and the summer before that?? and the summer before that. But

what made it special this time around was that I got to bring my friend, Courtney,

with me and there were no parents! Imagine that?a whole week without parents. It

was just my brother, Kyle, Courtney, and I together all week. I?ve never had so much

fun before. To clue you in, my week went a little something like this?

We arrived in the main harbor of Abaco, Bahamas on Sunday afternoon.

From there, my Grandparents took us to their tiny island of Hopetown. Hopetown is a

place where everyone knows everyone, and the houses have names such as ?Rocky Bay?,

instead of numbers. Their town consists of the maximum of about 20 stores and

people get around the island by cruising in the golf cart. It?s like a little taste of

heaven you could say. We got everything settled in

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