A Young Mans Admiration

A Young Mans Admiration


My grandfather is a very wise and interesting man. His name is Tom Angel. My grandpa has a medium build. He is about 6?0 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has a baldhead and blue eyes. He was born in Crown City, Ohio way up on top of a big hill. Grandpa will be celebrating his birthday Saturday September seventh, and he will be sixty-three years old. That really does not matter to him. He said that it was ?just another day?.
Grandpa ran heavy equipment his entire life. He finally decided to retire last year. I was glad to see him finally decide to take a break from working. Even though he did retire, he still works everyday. He is always into something, whether it is working in hay or tobacco or just fooling around with the cows. His dad always taught him to be a hard worker. So far, he is teaching me the same thing. I try to get him to take a break sometimes, but he just says, ?when a man quits working he will more than likely die?.

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