Would You Rather Be Deaf Or Blind

Would You Rather Be Deaf Or Blind

Would you rather be born deaf or blind

As she whispers in your ear it tickles, but you know it?s a passionate moment so you don?t laugh, instead you return the favor and whisper ?I love you? in their ear. A little while later, your loved one decides to slip into your anniversary gift, a silky material that seems to enhance every part, every movement of her body. Which of these could you bare to do without, hearing passionate exchanges between you and your partner, or seeing their reactions to your words and viewing her in all of her beauty
Most of the people in this world have been blessed, blessed in ways they don?t even know. Blessed to have 5 senses and to feel in place, which is hard to feel if you have never felt ?out? of place. Only a few people in this world know what it feels like to not be able to hear moments of passion, excitement or laughter. Still fewer know what it is like to never have seen the three major colors, a rainbow, or have had the opportunity to form an opinion of beauty.

Little Johnny was

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