When Your Hero Falls

When Your Hero Falls

When Your Hero Falls

The year was 1998 when it finally all fell apart, although the chain of events leading up to such

a dramatic event in my life was set on course years prior. The location was a common, quiet

small town. A young boy had lived in this current location all of his life, and it was all he knew.

This was soon about to change…

Born and raised life outside this town was not known. As a young child my life probaly

resembled the childhood of many other children my age. I was the first of three children. I had

two loving parents. My family was complete.

Some of my fondest memories occured in this period of my life. I remmember them so

vividly that each days it seems like the occured the day before. Christmas, for example, was

one of these mundane events. At the young age of five I became estatic once the holiday

season rolled around. Each year I looked forward to our family traditions. We would cruise

around town and look

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