What It Feels Like To Go Home

What It Feels Like To Go Home

The Four of Us

As I get out of my buddy Roe?s small, cramped, late model Integra, I thank him for the ride and grab my laundry bag out of his tiny trunk. My legs feel like I have weights on them, tired from the 3-hour ride home. I wave at Roe, and then walk through the front of the lobby of Silicon Valley Inn and Suites. I look out at the clean blue and gold sign on the front lawn. This is home. My parents manage a small hotel in Sunnyvale, California. As I walk through the elegantly decorated lobby towards our small apartment on the first floor, I pass the front desk and surprise my father. As my father looks up from his paperwork, I see his tired eyes open in disbelief. I feel so happy inside I almost forget to explain to him why Im home and how I got here. He doesn?t question me, he is just happy to see me. As he walks me inside our apartment I find everything exactly how I left it.

Walking towards my mother in the kitchen, I hear my father?s voice calling my mother so excitedly. His voice sounds so

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