Productivity With Information Technology

Productivity With Information Technology



Raintree Systems is a multifunctional health care information system that is available to Health Care Providers for there clinical management needs. Raintree has been in use since 1985 to meet billing and clinical needs and the ability to customize Raintree?s modules has allowed it to be a leader in single provider and multi-provider clinics. In this paper we will talk about the business application of the system and what kind of information is processed. We will also talk about what type of input is needed as well as the outputs it produces and who is responsible for the security and maintenance of the system. We also briefly discuss the system?s future and whether it is flexible enough to be changed or upgraded or just replaced altogether.


Raintree Systems was designed as an open architecture information system to provide Health Care Providers the necessary tools to allow functionality and flexibility. The main purpose of the system is to allow medical clinics to process patient scheduling and patient billing, word processing, e-mailing all within a single system. In the past, most Health Care Providers would have to purchase separate software packages for

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