Bussiness Growth

Bussiness Growth

Policies and Procedures


On the first day of employment the new hire receives an orientation in selection and enrollment for insurance and other benefits, and completion of tax forms. The Orientation Program provides an introduction to history, organizational structure, and initiatives of the company.
All new hire will be oriented to the following:
1. Objectives
2. Organization
3. Policies and procedures including:
Working hours
Timesheet authorization procedures
Lunch and break schedules
Importance of regular attendance, punctuality
Policy for phoning in absences and tardiness
Overtime opportunities or requirements
Dress code
Scheduling time off
Written job description
Performance standards / expectations for performance appraisal
Safety / security procedures, location of emergency equipment
Reporting of work-related injuries or illness
4. Introduction to management, supervisors, and trainers responsible for orienting to the job duties.


It is the policy of the company to assist and encourage employees to obtain skills, knowledge, and abilities that increase the effectiveness of work performance in their present position and improve their career opportunities within the company.
The Human Resources Department will assess employee development needs and, based on the availability of resources, sponsor appropriate, relevant training and development programs to meet such needs.
Sources of Training Programs:
1. On-Site Training
A department head is responsible for arranging specialized training with a department trainer, administering

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