Store Layout

Store Layout

Store Layout
The store layout of all our stores is based on one of the following architectures:
Grid layout –
layout that displays merchandise in straight, parallel lines, with secondary aisles at ninety-degree angle. A classical style that leaves enough mobility and store visibility even for the most critical customer.
Free-flow layout –
an asymmetrical arrangement of merchandise that encourages unstructured traffic movement. Ideally suited for stores that display mixed assortments of diverse products with asymmetric space requirements.
Loop or Boutique Layout –
a layout that divides merchandise into shops within the store. Ideally suitable for a store displaying strong individual categories or brands.
watch out the inside story of our stores having a mixture blend of all the layouts, meant for the customer convenience

In supermarkets, fixtures are arranged in grid patterns beginning at the checkout. These grids that extend to the rear of the store allow customers to walk through and around classifications for easy shopping and orderly merchandise location. Merchandise classifications in supermarkets are normally presented in order of sales volume. Store locations with high traffic and visibility are better than those with low traffic and low visibility. The latter are

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