Business Leaders Aggressive and Unethical

Business Leaders: Aggressive and Unethical

Business Leaders: Aggressive and Unethical

In October of 2003, Roderick M. Kramer wrote an article entitled, ?The Harder They Fall?. In it, he lists some of the more infamous fraudulent CEO?s of recent times like Kenneth Lay of Enron and Bernard Embers of WorldCom. Their scandals have reached a level of global recognition that the name Enron and WorldCom can now be used as a slang term for fraud or dishonesty. This article focuses more specifically on why a CEO would become a criminal rather than highlighting the actual deceitful deeds that these CEO?s committed. These top executives were smart enough and aggressive enough to achieve ultimate levels in their careers, yet somehow, they were not able to resist the temptation of greed and more power. Kramer suggests that this behavior is unusual for these people in normal circumstances and that fraud committing CEO?s are suffering from a ?lapse in professional judgment? (Kramer, 3)
The major problem in businesses, with these cases of fraud, is that there is no real incentive to follow standard protocol and codes of ethics. If an employee does his or her job ?by-the-book? unfortunately, they might slip through the cracks and go unnoticed for their moral and

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