All-in-1 Toothpaste

All-in-1 Toothpaste


1. Unique Product

Our All-in-1 toothpaste will encompass all the qualities of the top toothpastes into 1 tube. Our All-in-1 toothpaste will provide tartar control, whitening, cavity protection, fresh taste, mouthwash, and more. We will market this toothpaste as being the best toothpaste to satisfy all users in a household, our toothpaste is the new ?family toothpaste? or has the qualities to satisfy every user in the house.


1. New Company

Being a new company is a weakness in itself. We do not have a loyal customer base nor do we have any brand recognition. Through creative marketing we hope to create a curious buzz regarding our product. We want consumers to be so interested in our product that they run right out and purchase it.


1. Need

Everyone needs to use toothpaste in order to clean their teeth. Perception is a huge drive behind the need for clean teeth. Seventy-one percent of Americans said they are less likely to marry someone with bad teeth and 74% believe bad teeth can hurt career success, according to the Mentadent Smart Mouth survey. Also, 33% said whitening is the attribute they look for most when shopping for toothpaste.


1. Competition

Globally Colgate commands a market share

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