Management Problems In The Military

Management Problems In The Military

Management Problems in the Military

From a young age I was told I had my entire life ahead of me giving me the impression that time is something there is plenty of. But as I grew up and went to school, all I had to do is go there, sit until the classes ended, and then go home and do whatever I wanted. I managed to do all of my homework between classes and nothing was left for home. Then onto college where I quickly learned that in college it wouldn?t work the way that it had worked through school. As an adult it?s the workforce, I saw the needed changes and have tried to develop a system to succeed at these new challenges, and finally realizing how important time and personnel management actually is.

The Marine Corps is no different. Time and personnel management are probably one of the largest problems within our unit. Personnel spend more time away from their work area?s either talking, smoking or just wandering around rather than working. I will identify each area and provide my solution to correct these problems to produce a more efficient and

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