Workforce Longevity

Workforce Longevity

The business landscape is an ever-changing and dynamic environment. Companies both large and small alike have needed to learn how to change with times in order to survive in the competitive world known as business. Sole proprietorships as well as multi-billion dollar corporations have gone through a virtual metamorphosis over the past several decades. These changes have impacted several areas of doing business, including the longevity of the workforce.

In the past many people worked for only one company their entire career, however, ?in the 21st century, many people? may work for as many as seven or eight different companies during their careers. They may even have a number of totally different careers in different industries? (Carlson, 2002, pg. 42). It is hard to determine if this phenomenon can be directly attributed to the changes that have occurred in the workplace over the past several years, or if the changes themselves have altered the endurance of single company employees.

How an organization is managed has also changed as of late. The philosophy had always been that if employees were good at

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