What Employers Look For

What Employers Look For


There are many key characteristics that employers are looking for in new graduates. Employers are looking for the Ability To Communicate. Employers want people who are articulate, and who are good listeners. Employers want Intelligence, people not only with good grades, but with a much broader concept than what is quantified in a grade point average. Employers want Self-Confidence. Employers want people who believe in themselves. Employers want the Willingness To Accept Responsibility. Employers want people who arent afraid of tackling hard jobs, and who accept blame as well as credit for the job done. Employers want Initiative. Employers want go-getters. They want people who dont wait to be told what to do, but rather people who can see a problem and take the initiative to solve it independently. Employers want Leadership. Leadership comes in all shapes and forms, and you dont necessarily have to be able to lead lemmings to jump off cliffs to possess leadership qualities. Employers want Energy. Employers like people who want to make money the old-fashioned way-by earning it. They want people who approach hard work with enthusiasm. Employers want Imagination. Employers

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