Proposal-Upgrading To WINXP

Proposal-Upgrading To WINXP

Feasibility of updating your organization?s application software to a newer version (such as WINDOWS XP).

PREPARED FOR: Melissa Harrison
Senior Supervisor software and hardware maintenance
Kaiser Permanente.

Department of Customer Services
Kaiser Permanente.



I. Abstract 3
II. Summary 4
III. Introduction 4
A. Details of the problem 4
B. Plan 4
IV. Benefits 5
A. Security 5
1. High level of security 5
2. System an organization can on 5
3. Internet connection sharing and firewall 6
B. Efficiency 6
C. Effectiveness 6
D. Accessibility 7
E. Messenger communication 7
F. Productivity 8
G. Low-cost communication 8
H. System Restoration 8
V. Conclusion and recommendation 8, 9
VI. Appendix 10
A. Image 1 – Multiple users OS 10
B. Image 2 – New UI 11
C. Image 3 – Task-bar grouping feature 12
D. Image 4 – Windows messenger 12
E. Budget 13
VII. References 13
As we all know, technology is growing very fast and the new production of computer software is on the rise. The most common software is MICROSOFT windows which we use in our offices to perform daily routine tasks. Microsoft has been upgrading its software every year with a new name, speed, features and functions. All these elements help users to keep up with the flow without stopping and doing any extra work. Our department in Kaiser Permanente has been using Window 98, which is now not sufficient enough to help us any more. We need software like Windows XP, which contain all the new features, which can help us to provide fast and excellent customer service.
Windows XP is the latest version so far and I

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