Current MGT Style

Current MGT Style

Current Management Style

Currently the management style at Skytel Communications is not too effective. The leader framework should involve a focus on both people and task, and the degree of focus should be based on a given situation. Today the dominant point of view is that effective leadership is situational depending on the environment, with focus on both the leader and the followers. The management team at Skytel needs to analyze a leadership situation in terms of people being led, the nature of the task, and personal characteristics. They don?t seem to be asking themselves which base of power is the best or has the most influence. Also it seems as if managers might be dealing with a group of employees who are unwilling or unable to take responsibility to do a job. Supervisors are hesitant to change their task and relationship behavior based on the individuals and the nature of work that needs to be delegated. To bring about the effective use of power, managers should recognize and allow individuals to empower themselves based on organizational goals. This will discourage the individual use of power for ones own benefit.
Levels of Employee Involvement

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