Two Week Notice

Two Week Notice

Job security is a continuous problem employees have today when referring to their work.
Many employers are dedicated and spend almost all of their time devoted to help the success of ones company or business. Employees are responsible for the rise of the business and the satisfaction of each customer that the employee helps in any way possible. If these standards are not met, there is a problem within that each manager must figure out in order to help improve the company. Tardiness, drop in sales, and continuous working environment problems are all reasons why managers should be allowed to fire an employee at any time without giving a two-week notice. Managers have tight schedules and have no time for failure in employee dedications and the unwillingness to work. Receiving no notice for the termination of some employee?s jobs is fair because issues that are not being resolved is a problem with everyone in the working environment which makes the company have a downfall.

Tardiness is an inexcusable issue that a employee must overcome when having a job. Being late to work sends a message to other employees that it is acceptable to sleep five minutes longer, or even grab

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