Training For Business

Training For Business

Training And Development

The folks at (HGK) have a challenge. In order to implement our proposal for doubling the output of the SMC Corporation, we must hire and train over 50 new employees. Including in the training process will be another challenge, which is to assess and retrain SMC?s existing workforce including supervisors and directors. Our firm is coping with a larger issue; we must change the corporate culture of SMC as well. As stated in our previous analysis, we are looking to hire and promote minorities and women in a company that has always had a predominantly white-male staff. Our training system is multi-faceted, concentrating not only on tasks and technology but on culture and attitudes as well.
We want to evaluate existing and potential (to an extent) employees viewpoint on SMC?s staffing policies and how they view the company culture. We will conduct short formal interviews with all existing employees about their feelings and use this to determine what king of

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