The Impact Of Diversity On The Management Of Organizations

The Impact Of Diversity On The Management Of Organizations

The Impact of Diversity on the Management of Organizations

Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organizations financial, physical, human, and information resources in order to achieve the organizations goals effectively and efficiently. Some organizations achieve their goals effectively and efficiently while others do not. It is the organizations that are able to handle the challenges of diversity that are the most successful. Diversity is differences among the peoples of the world that can be either biological or learned. Organizations face diversity in different ways. Within the United States, organizations are made up of many different genders, races, religions, ages, levels of education, sexual orientation, and handicaps. Some organizations within the United States are multinational firms and it is these firms that often face the most challenges. A multinational firm encounters all the diversity traits of a domestic firm, plus global challenges. A multinational firm has to face language barriers, religious differences, holiday differences, culture differences, and customs differences. There have been many challenges to organizations over the years, but it is management who is able to overcome the impact of diversity that has been the most successful.
When talking about a diverse workforce in organizations, one of

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