Maglica Vs. Maglica

Maglica Vs. Maglica

The Case Of
Maglica V.S. Maglica

In the case of Maglica versus Maglica, Tony Maglica the creator and founder of the Maglite- Flashlight Company is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Claire Maglica. Tony and Claire Maglica were together for 23 years, during their relationship Claire was promised part ownership of the Maglite Company. Now after there breakup she is suing Tony Maglica for half of the companies? assets, based on the promise he had made to her during their relationship.
Claire claims that Mr. Maglica promised her that they would share the assets of the Maglite Company, regardless if their relationship was to be a failure or success, during their stay at the Western Motel in Palm Springs. She feels that by not making good on the promise that Mr. Maglica is breaching a contract they had between them. Claire also notes that when the company was originated it was only worth mere hundreds or thousands. However, today because of her help to build up the company, as its Executive Vice President, it is worth millions.
The verdict of the case was in favor of Claire and she was awarded 84 million dollars. Though do feel she should have been given some

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