Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Managers have a critical role to play in these uncertain times. Just as the United States is forming a strategy to combat terrorism, managers need a strategy for helping their companies get through the current crisis. I offer the following 10 steps which is organized under the acronym TAKE CHARGE for managing, motivating and leading your employees in a radically changed work environment:

Target fears and anxiety. Employers who act appropriately and provide a supportive workplace will go a long way to improve retention and loyalty after work life begins to return to normal. People traverse through a span of emotions during crisis situations beginning with concerns over their individual safety, their family, their friends, their job and finally their financial security. Managers should have plans to address each of these concerns in order of importance.

Accept the fact performance and productivity will drop. People respond differently in crisis situations. People will need to talk more, natural aspect of dealing with tragedy. The more they talk the healthier the organization becomes. Simple expression of concern and help with simple, daily tasks will go a long way to improve productivity.

Keep communication open. Meet

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