A Review Of The Tobacco Industry

A Review Of The Tobacco Industry


You cannot look in a magazine, newspaper, or journal without seeing either an advertisement or a story about the tobacco industry. It is an industry surrounded by controversy and debate everyday. The tobacco industry is among the largest industries. Being an industry that big, means big problems come success. Tobacco companies are involved in hundreds of law suits each year. Most of us only hear about the controversy and the lawsuits that follow the tobacco industry. This paper will provide you with a deeper knowledge on the various forces affecting the tobacco industry, its marketing procedures, and will include important aspects like industry threats and successful and unsuccessful companies.


The tobacco industry was one of the first industries in America. The people of the pre-Columbian Americas first used tobacco in the early 1600s. ?Native Americans apparently cultivated the plant and smoked it in pipes for medicinal and ceremonial purposes (The Tobacco Industry, 1998).? Christopher Columbus brought a few tobacco leaves and seeds back to Europe. ?Most Europeans did not consume tobacco until the late 16th century, until adventurers and diplomats like Frances Jean Nicot, for whom nicotine is named after, began to popularize its use (The Tobacco Industry, 1998).?

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