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The Future of the Corporation

What is a successful corporation This is a question that has been asked ever since a corporation started. Of course, people look at Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and Citicorp as reaching what we call successful. Does success have to mean millions and millions of dollars To me, no, a successful corporation is a business that has a place in the economy selling or offering some kind of service to the society. Making millions and millions of dollars comes farther down the chain of priorities.
Throughout this paper I will be discussing what my opinion of the Corporation of the Future will be like. Also, I will be discussing what the management practices might be and also what the business environment will be like in my eyes.
In our society we all look at making the most money as possible. Money means everything. Money makes the world go around and the society will do anything to get as much of it as they can doing whatever it takes. Even laying off 500 employees to get it. The corporation of the future will still be just as greedy now in

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