Truth In The Scarlet Letter

Truth In The Scarlet Letter

There are many images of truth shown in Hawthorne?s novel, ?The Scarlet Letter.? These images give the reader a look into the minds of the characters and a different perspective on the situations at hand. Many of these images show a turning point in the novel, as well. Dimmesdale, Pearl and Hester show the different instances where truth was brought out in society.

In the beginning of the novel, there is a scene in which Hester was forced to stand on the scaffold and have everyone scorn her. She shows the scarlet A on her chest for all to see, and braves their criticism. Although Hester is one with a great sin, according to the Puritan society she lives in, she also shows the truth these situation because she is letting the people recognize her sin and acknowledge it. She chooses not to hide the truth from them, unlike reverend Arthur Dimmesdale.

At one point during the novel, Dimmesdale is so fixed on his sin that it has caused his downfall and worn him away. In this scene, he goes to the scaffold after his election day sermon and asks Hester and Pearl to

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