Trumpeter Of Krakow

Trumpeter Of Krakow

Trumpeter Of Krakow, by Eric P. Kelly

The “Trumpeter of Krakow” is about a family who was given a legendary crystal
that had been handed down from one generation to the next. They were running away from evil forces who wanted possession of the crystal. Then one day the father of the family decided to move to a town in Poland called Krakow. They left their dwelling just days before a group of Tartars looking for the Great Tarnov crystal came and raided the town that they used to live in. On the Charnetskis way to Krakow, they met a man who is not who he seems to be. He offers to buy the pumpkin from the family. Charnetskis refuse because inside the pumpkin is the hidden crystal. The man gets angry because of their rejection.
That man it turns out, is called Peter of the Button face and is a man that is feared in many countries.

When they reach Krakow the son, Joseph, asks his father, Andrew, if he could explore the city for a while. On his

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