Virgin Suicides

Virgin Suicides


1.) The novel and movie had no differences. Everything portrayed in the

movie was exactly the same as the novel, the characters said the same

lines, the scenes were in sequence order, and the both settings were


2.) The theme for both the novel and movie is that being too strict with

your children may cause them to commit suicide. Mrs. Lisbon did not

treat her daughters like normal teenagers, she deprived them of many

things such as: going to school functions, having friends, dating boys

and normal things a teenager should be allowed to do. She became very

strict with the girls that she pulled them out of school and kept them

locked up at home as if they were prisoners in jail. The girls had already

lost one sister and them being cooped up in the house drove them crazy

and they ended up committing suicide.

3.) I enjoyed reading the novel best because it was very detailed and I could

just invision the characters and all the minor details in my head. Books

always describe everything to the fullest, even a minor detail can be

described very well.

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