Tortilla Flat J. Steinbeck

Tortilla Flat/ J. Steinbeck

Tortilla Flat
(John Steinbeck)

published in 1935.

John Steinbeck(1902-1968):
Born in Salinas in 1902 Steinbeck was educated at Stanford University. His first novel was Cup of Gold (1929). The Pastures of Heaven (1932), To a God Unknown (1933), Tortilla Flat (1935),and Of Mice and Men (1937) were his early books.
Steinbecks most widely known work is The Grapes of Wrath (1939; Pulitzer Prize, 1940). Steinbecks other works include The Moon Is Down (1942), Cannery Row (1945), The Wayward Bus (1947), East of Eden (1952), The Winter of Our Discontent (1961), and America and Americans (1966). In 1962 he wrote the popular Travels with Charley.
Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1962. His modernization of the Arthurian legends, The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, was published posthumously in 1976.

The story is about the comic antics of several rootless drifters who share a house in Monterey. They have a lot of adventures.

Type of Book:

influence of property
helping the helpless and the poor

houses: property
vaccum cleaner: richness; what a woman can “cost”
Pirate?s money: center of friendship and cohesion
wine: interests of the poor
party: compensation

Time & Setting:
The story takes place in Monterey in the time after WWI.

Main Characters:
Danny: heir of 2

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