Timeline By Micheal Chriteon

Timeline By Micheal Chriteon


The story is set mostly in and around a castle in France during the Middle Ages. Its at the height of the Middle Age, men in suits of armor rage in battle, land is won and lost by the sword. Rich nobles rule castles and spend time seizing other castles. Peasants live for the tournament days. A squire can earn his knighthood by showing himself worthy in a joust.

This stronghold was called Castelgard. The Dordogne river run past Castelgard, on the opposing side of the river stands the monastery. Further up the river there is a mill, and even further up is the castle La Roque. Thick forest encircles the land. There is little land that does not have trees. ?The trees, he noticed, we huge. Some of them had trunks so thick, you could hide three or four people behind them. They rose high into the sky, spreading a leafy canopy above them that darkened most of the ground below.?

The first main Character would be Chris Huges. A graduate student, probably in his mid twenties; lightly colored hair, and a fairly handsome man. There were time when I could related very well to Chris, and there were time

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