Tuesdays With Morrie Chapters 1,2 And 5

Tuesdays With Morrie Chapters 1,2 And 5

The first tuesday:
We talk about the world

The world has like this sort of tacit rules or ways of living for humans in a certain society that can be pretty absurd. Like the fact that men shouldn?t cry or be very sentimental or things like that.
When the most important thing in live is to learn how to love and to accept love.
A lot of times people feel powerless before death, or towards how helping someone that will definitely die. They feel as if they had nothing to do , and that kind of freaks them out.

In live or in the way you live live what counts a lot is the different ways there are to see live, the different points of view there are like for example the ultimate sign dependency on others could be to have to have someone wipe your ass because your so old or sick you just cant do it by yourself , and it would be really kind of uncomfortable and awfull, that would be a L point of view wich is the point of view with more tendency of the world, but inside of all this the human being has the power of

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