Their Eyes Were Wathcing God

Their Eyes Were Wathcing God

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Janies entire life is one of a journey. She lives through a grandmother, three husbands,
and innumerable friends. Throughout is all, she grows closer and closer to her ideals
about love and how to live ones life. Zora Neale Hurston chooses to define Janie not by
what is wrong in her life, but by what is good in it. Janie changes a lot from the
beginning to the end of Their Eyes Were Watching God, but the imagery in her life
always conjures positive ideas in the mind of the reader.

Janies life begins under the watchful eye of her grandmother. Her grandmother has
given up her own happiness to raise Janie and her mother. Right away, it is obvious
that Janies life is going to be different than her grandmothers. For starters, Janie has
very different ideas about love than any other character. She may not be able to
clearly define her thoughts, but the reader still sees that Janies ideas are romantic and
full of sensuality. The first glimpse into the past that the reader sees involves Janie

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