The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried

In Tim OBriens story, “The Things They Carried,” the name “Jimmy Cross” also

symbolizes the cross that he bears with his distracting thoughts of Martha, Ted Lavenders death

and the responsibility for the safety of his men. Throughout this story we read about what is

carried by necessity as a soldier and specific to each rank and responsibility, yet, we rarely read

about what emotional and mental baggage that

Is carried.

First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried his thoughts of a woman named Martha that he met

prior to going to Vietnam. In his mind he felt he loved her. He hoped or wished that she loved

him in the same way, yet he knew she didnt and he did not want to face the truth. Quite often

his thoughts of her would distract him from his duties.

During a tunnel search when he and his men were supposed to e keeping watch for the

enemy, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross went to check the tunnel hole and went deep into thoughts of

Martha. In reflection

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