The Terminal Man

The Terminal Man

The Terminal Man
Michael Crichton

Part 1: Chapters 1-7, pp. 3-55

I really liked the way the author opened the first scene of the novel. I found his use of the word “they” in the first sentence an effective way of enticing the reader into the story. It, in a way, forced me to read on to find out who “they” were. The next two sentences describing the two doctors then gave me two contrasting images, one of the senior Dr. Ellis, who was described as being tense and preoccupied, and the other of the younger Dr. Morris, who was eating a candy bar. I thought that Crichtons description of Morris was rather funny, especially because it “spoiled” the image of a serious event about to take place. That effect, one of anxiety and nervousness, was also somehing that fueled my curiosity. The next image was of the elderly woman who was gasping and gurgling for as she was taken into the ER. That image was particularly jarring for me, mostly because of Morris indifference to her ailment.
When Benson is first introduced into the story, I got the feeling that he was some sort of dangerous criminal. It wasnt just the police escort

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