The Street Lawyer

The Street Lawyer

1. The Street Lawyer, John Grisham, 1998, 348 Pages

2. It started out when the main character, Micheal Brock, heads to is job at a large law firm, but little does he know that soon he will be held up by a homeless person. Micheal trys to find out why he is doing what he is; but before he can find out this information, the homeless man is shot to death by a sniper. Now Micheal is on a quest to find out why he did what he did. Along the way he discovers what life is really like and that there is more to life then just money and power. He then goes to where the homeless person once lived and helps out in a soup kitchen, and discovers something about his coworkers that they have done that has already claimed some lives. Now he has become there worst enemy. Now in the end everything works out, Micheal makes the firm have one day out of the week were all the lawyers must take a case from a homeless person and defend them.
3.The significant of the title is that?s what he started to be. He basically became The Street Lawyer”.

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