The Storm

The Storm

?The Storm?

In the short story ?The Storm? the major components that are emphasized are plot, character, and setting. These components work together in order to make the reader visualize life from the characters? point of view. The author, Kate Chopin, tells the story in a unique way that helps the reader understand the main characters? attitudes. The title of the story, ?The Storm?, has a twofold meaning. An actual storm that takes place in the remote Louisiana country sets off a chain of events that contributes to the passionate storm that occurs between the two main characters.
The events that make up the plot begin when bad weather forces Bobinot and his son, Bibi, to remain at the store until it passes. This leaves Bobinot?s wife, Calixta, home alone. The bad weather also forces Alcee, Calixta?s old boyfriend, to seek shelter under her gallery. As a result of the driving rain, Alcee and Calixta went inside the house. A loud burst of thunder sent startled Calixta staggering backwards into Alcee?s arms. The physical contact between the two ?aroused all the old-time infatuation and desire for her flesh? (97). They gave in to

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