Theresa, so moved by Garretts words, prints the letter in her column. The response from the article is overwhelmingly positive, including letters from others who have found similar letters written by Garrett. Theresa, unlucky in love since divorcing her unfaithful husband, decides that she must meet the man who has written the letters. She finds him in Wrightsville, North Carolina, still struggling with his wifes death. Theresa and Garrett meet and fall in love, he unaware of her knowledge of the letters.

“Message” lacks any real emotional conflict; everyone gets along swimmingly. Before you know it, Theresa and Garrett have proclaimed their undying love to one another, despite the fact that they dont appear to have anything more in common than physical attraction. Does Theresas 12-year-old son, Kevin, resent Moms new boyfriend Nope, he thinks hes “cool”.

The only suspenseful part concerns Garrett finding out Theresa knew about the letters all along. When the truth comes out, Garrett confronts her with this cliched clunker — “I dont even know who you are anymore.”

When Garrett visits Boston, he is depicted as the stereotypical out-of-water Southerner

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