Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

The Effects that Masculinity Plays in Things Fall Apart

The novel, Things Fall Apart, takes place in the late 1800?s. It is set in a small tribal community called Umuofia, which is located in southeastern Nigeria. During this time, there was a major thrust from the British to expand their power economically, politically, and culturally. The Umuofia tribe has the reputation of being a wealthy and powerful tribe. A young leader of this tribe, Okonkwo, has to overcome the failures of his father?s past ventures to feel like a worthy member. His father, Unoka, had been known for his lack of responsibility and laziness, which is a serious claim to a tribe with such a solid reputation. Unoka dies a shameful death and leaves his family nothing but his debts. Okonkwo strives to overcome this shame by being a fierce warrior and a successful farmer. His attempts to right the wrongs of his father affect his entire tribe and ultimately contribute to his early death.
Okonkwo is introduced to the reader as a grown man who is already well established in his community. Unlike his father, he owns two barns filled with yams.

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