The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Who would you consider the main character of The Scarlet Letter Why

In my opinion, I would consider Hester Prynne as the main character of The Scarlet Letter. I believe Hester is the main character because without her, there would not be a novel. Reverend Dimmesdale would not have any sin to hide that would almost cause him death by not admitting to the sin. Pearl would have not been conceived. Lastly, Roger Chillingsworth would not have caused himself an early death by making it his sole purpose in life to seek revenge on Reverend Dimmesdale for inpregnating Hester.
Hester travels through the story becoming only a shadow of her former self because of the sin she has to live with forever. Other than the scarlet letter, she was a very righteous woman whose only happiness in life was her daughter Pearl. Pearl is much of what Hester used to be, positive, energetic, open, and full of love and life. Hester Prynne was a beautiful, young, very strong, caring, and helping woman. Strong in the sense of not caring what people thought when she stood out in

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