Analysis of Welty?s Works

Analysis of Welty?s Works

A Brief Analysis of Eduora Welty?s Works

In the hands of a proficient author a short story is a powerful instrument. Though some authors write short stories simply to entertain their audience, there are many authors who see the short story as a tool. These authors choose to use the brief but capturing medium that a short story offers as a catalyst to reveal a specific message or moral to their audience. Most readers are accustomed to authors using this method of dispensing ideas and have come to expect some type of message or purpose to be obvious within the content of what they read. Unfortunately, this has, in some aspects, made many readers lazy and unimaginative and when a short story?s purpose is not so obvious, it often has the effect of making the reader feel that the story was pointless. Someone who has read a short story by Eudora Welty often responds in that very way, feeling that the story served no purpose.

Readers of Welty commonly have first impressions of her stories as being unrealistic, inane, obscure, and simply a waste of time. Many often feel that her stories serve little purpose other

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