The Running Man

The Running Man

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King, Stephen, The Running Man. (New York, New York, Penguin Group, 1982) 219 pages.


The setting of the novel involves the time, place and mood. The story takes place in the near future, in the year “2025”. Most of the book is primarily based in “Co-op City” in the “United States” but, as the book goes on, many cities are visited. The mood of the story is fear because the rich fear the poor will find out about the pollution and stuff and the Game Network fears that Richards may in fact win. The poor also fear the rich because they own everything and are very powerful. The particular setting of this novel affects the novel many ways. The poor are left to fend for themselves because the greedy rich think of them as just entertainment in their deadly games, other than that they are dirt.


I found that the two main characters in the novel were Ben Richards and Dan Killian. Ben Richardss physical characteristics are he is “scruffy looking”, has “brown hair” and is “strong”. Bens mental characteristics are that he is caring because his family is number his number

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