The Road

The Road

Reflection On ?The Road?
By Anthony Ponce

Not so long ago I was with three of my friends testing out the driver?s new truck. We were offroading deep in the canyons off of Mulhulland Highway up steep rugged terrain. I had a feeling that what we were doing wasn?t right. It wasn?t safe. Like some teenagers, I pushed those feelings away fooling myself that it was too late. ?There is nothing I could do now.? I thought to myself. ?It?s not like anything is going to happen.? I thought wrong.
We reached the hardest point in the trail, Snake Canyon, a winding death wall. A few minutes later the car started skidding backwards. The driver had no control of the car. After a couple of seconds we hit a ditch in the road and the car flipped back wards, but that wasn?t it. We started rolling slowly over the edge. Once over we tumbled down the mountain bouncing on rocks and bush. All I could hear were screams. All I could see was sparks and glass. We must have rolled about eleven times. Those few seconds were the longest moments of my life. When I crawled out of the mangled hunk of metal

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