The River Sutra

The River Sutra

Two Faced

The River Sutra, written by Gita Metha. Is the story of a man who gives up society in an effort to find out what life is really about. For this he declares himself a vanaprasthi, being a man of the forest, or one who gives up the majority of their worldly possessions to learn about the mysteries of life. To do this he retires to the Narmada River, the most holy river in India, and lives in a small bungalow owned by the government. While he stays there he meets many people who have all come to the river for one reason or another. All of them also tell him a story, having something to do the divine or life itself. He meets many characters, a monk, a music teacher, an executive, a musician, and a professor. Near the end of the book a character tells him
? The better is one thing, the pleasant another
Both aims may bind a man.
But the wise man chooses the better one over the pleasant?(pg 219).

This is the true meaning of the book but rather not in so many words, for the singular theme is that there are always two ways to view

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