The Plague By Albert Camus

The Plague By Albert Camus

The Plague

The Epidemic in a Few Pages The Plague is a novel describing the plague epidemic in the large Algerian city of Oran in the 1940s. In April, numerous rats staggered into the open to die. Once a mild hysteria gripped the population, the newspapers began searching for any action they could take. Finally, the authorities arranged for the daily collection and cremation of the rats, but by mid-afternoon they were already pilling up again. When a cluster of cases of a strange fever appeared, Dr. Rieuxs partner, Castel, became certain that the illness is the bubonic plague. He and Dr. Rieux are forced to confront the indifference and denial of the authorities and other doctors in their attempts to urge quick, decisive action. Only after it became impossible to deny that a serious epidemic was ravaging Oran, the authorities did enforce strict sanitation measures, placing the entire city under quarantine. The public went into shock due to their sudden imprisonment and intense longing f!
or absent loved ones. Many people indulged in selfish personal distress, convinced that their pain was unique in comparison to the rest of the town?s. Father Paneloux delivered a stern sermon, declaring that the plague is

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