The Pigman

The Pigman

This old man collects statues of pigs, so when John andLorraine (hero and heroine) get to know him they nickname him “thepigman.” John and Lorraine decide to hang out with the pigmanwhenever they can, because they think hes lonely. As they spend time with him,they learn he has a deep, dark secret and find out what it is.
Later pigman has a heart attack and Johnand Lorraine help him.
Thats good. But, while hes in thehospital they have, like, a rave at pigmans house.
Thats bad. Because all the pig statuesget busted during the party. And when pigman comes home and finds out hiscollection was trashed, he banishes John and Lorraine from his house.
Pretty soon pigman dies, and his deathhas a profound effect on John and Lorraine.
Its a book that makes you stop and thinkabout how your behavior might intrude on someone elses life, and how theresult could change your outlook.

The Pigman was a book abouta boy named John, and a girl named Lorraine, theyre best friends. Well, Johnis sort of immature and jouvenile for his age. He does things like set offbombs in school

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