The Pigman

The Pigman


The main characters in Paul Zindels The Pigman, two high school Students named John and Lorraine, find out what this is like. By making a prank call they meet a lonely, old man named Angelo Pignati whom they come to call the Pigman. You can find out the interesting reason why by reading this fun and suspense filled book. There is suspense in the parts of the book where the mysteries involving the life of Angelo Pignati are slowly revealed. Like when the Pigman talks about his wife who he says has gone on a vacation, but the secret behind his mysterious loneliness is revealed when we find out what has really happened to her. John and Lorraines relationship with their newfound friend and their shared desire for love from an adult will make you laugh, cry, and wish that you could be there to share these experiences with them.

John and Lorraine are regular teenagers dealing with the same problems that all young people face. For example, Lorraine?s mother is very strict about her daughter?s social life and is paranoid about her going out with boys her age. When Lorraine comes home late one day without letting her

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