The Pearl By John Steinbeck

The Pearl By John Steinbeck

Pearl Essay Sammi Moyer

In John Steinbecks The Pearl, Kino finds-you guessed it- a pearl. When he held it in his hand, he thought of what he could get with the money. Some things he gets, but others, he will never get.
First, he thinks of Juana. When Kino had been diving for pearls, Juana silently prayed for him to find a pearl so they could pay the doctor. When Kino looked at the pearl, he pictured him and Juana at a church wedding with new clothes. This dream may never come true, because of the pearl. When Juana realized all the trouble the pearl has caused so far, she tries to throw it back into the ocean. Kino catches her, and after beating her, takes the pearl away from her. Their marriage will never be as peaceful as it once was.
Then he thinks of Coyotito. In this village, it is very rare to see a person who is able to read.

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