The Pearl

The Pearl


Kino was a poor mexican-indian, he had a wife and her name was Juana.
Together they had a baby and his name was Coytito. They lived in a wery poor
village, he and his neighbours lived in wooden houses. He made his moony by
fishing and search for pearls in the sea who he sold to some byers in the town.
In the town there was only stone houses with big walls and beautiful gardens.
There was also a church were the beggars was sitting all the days. And so the
town also had a fatt vit man who made his moony by playing doctor.

Kino and Juana was eating breakfast in the morning light, when Kino saw a
scorpion walking slowly down the rope who hold up the hanging box, who
Coyotito was sleeping in. Coyotito touched the rope and the scorpion fell. Kino
tried to catch the scorpion, but it was to late. The scorpion landed on Coyotito?s
shoulder and stung the baby. Kino and Juana started to cry wery loud. And after
some seconds the neighbours came. Juana started to scream after the doctor !
Kino and Juana quickly walked to the town. When Kino came to the doctors
house he knokt on the door. The

kino, juana, pearl, started, about, man, coyotito, walked, now, hit, after, town, took, saw, oyster, out, house, heard, going, doctor, came, because, should, scorpion, rifle, knife, away, whent, wery, walk, tracers, somebody, servant, jumped, dreamed, door

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